What is This NFT?

What is this NFT

The concept of NFT, which has been the subject of curiosity of everyone lately, is expressed as Non Fungible Token, with its Turkish equivalent, Unchangeable Token.

It basically means that it is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that is yours alone.

Popularized in both the financial and art worlds, NFT is a unique identifier that can prove ownership of digital products and is therefore a unit of data stored in a digital ledger called a blockchain, confirming that they are not interchangeable.

The concept of NFT can also be defined as the reflections of an asset in the digital world that may have a collection value under normal conditions. For example, cards and football cards, which were extremely popular and collected in the 1990s, can be good examples of these assets. The difference between NFT and digital currencies is that all NFTs are designed differently from each other. This feature makes them unique and unchangeable.

NFT technology is designed and popularized to prevent the alteration or imitation of music, games, movies and similar works of art. Token corresponding to a currency on the blockchain; While it can be exchanged in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin, NFT cannot be coined because NFT has a digital signature that cannot be copied, it is a unique work of art. It refers to ‘originality’ in the digital world.


Although an artist can sell the NFT representing a work, the artist can hold the copyright to the work and create more NFTs of the same work. The recipient of the NFT does not gain exclusive access to the business, nor does the recipient acquire ownership of the “original” digital file. A person who uploads any work as NFT does not need to prove that they are the original artist, so there have been many people who have used that artist’s work for NFT without the permission of the original artist.

NFTs are often used to buy and sell digital artworks and can take the form of GIFs, tweets, virtual trading cards, images of physical objects, game skills or skins, virtual real estate, and more.

NFTs, on the other hand, are unique and non-interchangeable, meaning no two NFTs are the same.

NFT types are very diverse, but they can take the form of a digital picture, a music file or even a tweet. Even tweets have value, with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey selling the first tweet.