What is Digitalization?

What Is Digitalization


Digitization is known as a term that, in the simplest terms, means the conversion of any information from an analog format to a digital format.

As one of the most common examples of this, we can cite the conversion of a printed book on paper into an e-book. The reason why digitization is an extremely critical concept in almost every field is because it makes things faster, more practical and more efficient. Although some people are not aware of this situation yet, digitalization is taking place today, albeit with different dimensions, in every sector without exception. And it also qualifies having different perspectives when it happens. How Does Digitalization Affect the Business World? Here are the areas and concepts most affected by digitalization when it comes to the business world : Hybrid Studies : Thanks to digitalization, employees can choose how, where and when to work. Now data and information can be easily converted to digital formats, stored on digital platforms, and can be accessed by mobile devices at any time, from anywhere. Technological progress and digitalization also make it possible to adjust work schedules to personal needs and lifestyle. Today as many
services are provided using technological tools, more and more companies are adopting new and flexible ways of working such as freelancing mobile work, working from home.
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