VR Traffic Game

VR Traffic Game

Metaverse and Education;  

As Kleinstein Games, apart from Metaverse software, VR and Android games, we are developing applications and games that will cover education and training in our country and meet the change in the field of education with changing technologies.

We started to take part in the traffic game we developed for primary and secondary school students with the agreement we made with Konya Metropolitan Municipality as our first starting point for our work at the education point.

Our first applications were realized with Konya Metropolitan Municipality as our starting point. We have reached an agreement with Konya Metropolitan Municipality for our applied education traffic game that we have developed for primary and secondary school students to learn traffic rules, and with the organization of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, students learn traffic rules through practical game training. As Kleinstein Games, we are proud of being the first in this field by starting to take place in the field of education with Metaverse technologies.

Students met Metaverse with the science truck event organized by Konya Metropolitan Municipality the other day. While students learn the traffic rules with VR technology, with the VR Traffic game we developed for Konya Metropolitan Municipality, in the education programs held on a provincial basis; By starting education with Metaverve, they brought a new perspective to traditional education methods. Schools became a part of Metaverse in education by meeting with Metaverse and VR technology through activities to be held on a provincial basis.

In the traffic game that we developed for students to use our work in the field of applied education, students learn the traffic rules practically. In the game, there are questions about the city area, traffic signs, traffic vehicles and traffic. Like other applications I have developed, our Traffic game is a VR game played through Oculus Quest 2 glasses.

In the past, the Ministry of National Education announced that it would start training in Metaverse. As Kleinstein Games, we take the lead in this field and ensure the continuity of the projects that will take place in the future. We first started Metaverse in Education in Konya, and we will continue to add new provinces and schools to this list in the coming period. In order to realize Metaverse in education in our country, we will be in different studies to improve and strengthen our education with Metaverse technologies in education programs.