Kleinstein Games has Signed a Contract with Konya Metropolitan Municipality

VR Meet

Kleinstein Games has been involved in many metaverse projects since its inception and continues to do so. Kleinstein Games, which is the first Turkish game company to make the first developments in the field of Metaverse and Education, made a written agreement with Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Before the agreement, the Kleinstein Games team presented the final version of the projects to the Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Atalay. Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which is open to development in education in Metaverse, completed the educational and instructive traffic game for primary school 4th grade students from Kleinstein Games and was made available to students.

  • What does the contracted VR MEET app offer people?

Thanks to the VR Meet application made by Kleinstein Games, a reality experience will be experienced in the virtual world, it will be located in different places and will offer a chat and meeting experience in the same area. Admired by Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Atalay, this project was signed on paper and transferred to users. Also, the app is available in Oculus Quest2 markets. Kleinstein Games founder Musa Çavuş and his team, who are preparing for many more projects, are happy with the feedback and announced that they have many more projects to develop.