In our National Metaverse VR Meet application, it is possible to visit the plots and apartments with VR glasses.

In Our National Metaverse VR Meet Application
Stating that educational games have positive effects on children, Kleinstein Games Founder Musa Sergeant said, “We develop educational and entertaining metaverse games for children.

“As Kleinstein Games, we produce metaverse game software”

Stating that they produce Metaverse game software, Musa Çavuş said, “We designed and offered for sale in the markets. VR Meet application allows users to experience reality in the virtual world. Users in different places will have the chance to chat and meet in the same area. Our Metaverse Kleinstein Games land and flat sales will start through glasses. I can say that the application we developed is also available in Oculus Quest2 markets. I think the project will attract attention. We both developed the application with great care and worked with an innovative approach.” made statements.

“We are developing many educational games”

The work carried out by our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the Metaverse Forum, has attracted a lot of attention in Turkey. Metaverse, on which new studies have been carried out in Turkey, turned to education upon the announcement of the Minister of National Education. Stating that they also work on educational games, Musa Sergeant said, “It is very important for us that children develop themselves with educational games. We currently have two game projects. I can say that we are working on innovative projects in these projects!” He ended his remarks with his words.

Kleinstein Games Founder Musa Çavuş graduated from Selçuk University Computer Engineering Department in 2000. University after completing your education in Germany Sergeant, who worked for many software companies, established his own company 16 years later and used his knowledge and experience to develop his own company. Sergeant, who has been providing software and technology services both in Europe and the Middle East for 6 years, develops many games, especially educational games, with its expert staff. Drawing attention especially with the VR Meet application, Musa Sergeant stated that they continue their work meticulously and closely follow the developments in the sector.