History of Video Games 3

History of Video Games

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Video games have opened a new era in the world. The first electronic digital game was developed by Raymond Redheffer in 1942. Redheffer built a machine that received digital commands, and this machine played the ancient Chinese game Nim. Thousands of people played this game. This game, which is a breakthrough in technology, has also signed a big place in the game industry. After that, a shooting game (Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr.) was built in 1947, and a chess-playing computer (Claude Shannon) in 1950. Then, in 1952, the first video game was getting ready to appear. The early 1970s brought the first consumer-ready video game hardware: the first home video game console, Magnavox Odyssey and Atari, the first arcade video games from Computer Space and Pong, the second later made into a home console version. New types of personal computers and games began to emerge in 1983. In 1985, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo entertainment system. The personal computer and new types of games that occurred in 1983 marked the beginning of the development of video games.


Online gamer communities were also evaluated by the game consoles that competed with the PC in the early 2000s. Sony’s Playstation (1994–2014), Nintendo’s Game Cube (2001) and Wii (2006), and Microsoft’s X Box series (2001–2013) marketed and released playable games exclusively on their own platforms. . In this way, they continue their competition with the personal computer. Computer games, which can only be seen at fairs apart from the giant computer laboratories where they are produced, started as a spare time occupation of engineers working mostly in the field of defense, nowadays it has become a sector that has produced an incredible amount of money, produced its own stars and steers technology. The children of a generation who have grown up hearing from their own families that playing games is a waste of time can earn big money by playing on a computer game team today. War simulation games are used to train soldiers. Some people care more about the lives of game characters than their own. And no matter what, the gaming industry is constantly growing.