History Of Online Games 1

History of Online Games

With the release of the game Maze War by Steve Colley in 1974, the first FPS game played with a network connection was published. It was a huge and impressive development for the industry, two years after the release of Maze War, William Crowther created a new game called Colossal Cave Adventure, which was better known as Adventure, but what made the game more special was that it was the first text-based game. Then, MIT students created the game Zork, taking this game as a reference.

After all this, the MUD1 game, which will be considered one of the biggest developments for the gaming industry, was released, this game was actually a continuation of Zork, but the most unique feature of it was that the MUD game was the first multiplayer game. Already the expansion of the name of the game was Multi User Dungeon. Thus, in the course of time, the history of online games has become what it is today with an incredible development.