Digitalization as a Means of Change

Digitalization As A Means Of Change

Peter Drucker stated in 1995 that we are in “one of those magnificent historical periods that occur every 200-300 years, when people no longer understand the world and the past is insufficient to explain the future”.

In this process, we need to clearly state that we are in a period where digitalization and digital transformation completely redesign and control every aspect of life.

In today’s digitalizing world, transferring information to digital media enables business processes to be digitized in some way and business processes to be handled in a more systematic way. In this way, it paves the way for finding new information, adapting it to the current job in a meaningful way, and even redesigning processes.

While this beautiful and innovative transformation provided by technology contributes to increasing efficiency and productivity in enterprises, on the other hand, it contributes to the spread of products and services with high added value and to increase productivity with a collaborative working culture.

Today, developments such as e-mails, e-commerce sites, e-business and e-banking, digital game platforms and distance education, which are among the common applications of our lifestyle, are one of the most striking examples of this digitalization process. Of course, we cannot limit our examples only to these. With each passing day, we are talking about different technologies that enter our lives with Digital Transformation. One of them is undoubtedly; is the internet of things. This technological change covers all infrastructures such as Social Media, Big Data, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

The speed of technological change we have experienced in recent years and the transition towards digitalization affect our lifestyle in every way.

I think the idea that this change and the lifestyle that we have difficulty in defining is forcing people to an evolutionary change will not be an exaggeration.

The fact that the Global System and subsystems are forced to change at the same time has brought about the abandonment of old patterns and the transition to new life forms.

As a result, Businesses and Organizations have to operate in an unpredictable (Chaotic) environment that differs in short time intervals on a large change portal.

The things that are happening today and that we have difficulty in defining are preparing us for a new world order and transition to a life far beyond the extension of the past.

It would be the right approach for everyone to accept that we are responsible for including this new paradigm shift in all layers of our lives and that we should re-examine our traditional ways of doing business and models.