VR Traffic Game

Metaverse and Education;   As Kleinstein Games, apart from Metaverse software, VR and Android games, we are developing applications and games that will cover education and training in our country and meet the change in the field of education with changing technologies. We started to take part in the traffic game we developed for primary… Continue reading VR Traffic Game

The City of the Living Metaverse is the Metropolverse

In the first place 20 duplex houses are ready for sale in the city of Metropolverse, the first domestic and national Metaverse of Turkey. We offer the possibility of home life for your avatars. Metropolverse only There are standard household items in your house that you will buy. As Kleinstein Games, we will continue to… Continue reading The City of the Living Metaverse is the Metropolverse

What is This NFT?

The concept of NFT, which has been the subject of curiosity of everyone lately, is expressed as Non Fungible Token, with its Turkish equivalent, Unchangeable Token. It basically means that it is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that is yours alone. Popularized in both the financial and art worlds, NFT is a unique identifier that can… Continue reading What is This NFT?

As we all know, NFT, which has become popular in both the financial and art worlds, is a unique identifier that can prove the ownership of digital products. We would not be mistaken if we say that NFT, which has managed to attract all the attention due to this position, has managed to become the new sought-after face of the digital world. The answer we will give to the question of whether Nft will enter all areas of our lives will undoubtedly be yes.

So why do you think people need to buy this new face that enters all areas of our lives? There are actually many different answers to this question. For example, some describe this technology as “the way the rich are satisfied”, and others think that NFT is a fad. However, experts say that the creators of digitally produced works have finally started to reap the rewards of their efforts thanks to NFT and this technology will always remain with us.

Besides, the majority of NFT customers are probably tech geeks who have embraced the idea of ​​purchasing a digital product and have made profits from cryptocurrencies in the previous year.

NFT provides significant advantages for almost everyone. For example, the artist can sell the digital artwork directly to the person concerned and earn money without having to find a gallery. In this way, artists can reach the buyers directly by eliminating the auction companies, and they can also get a share when the sold digital work changes hands again. According to Beeple, which broke sales records through NFT, this transformation is a sign of democratization in the art market.

Speaking on CNN, the 3D artist said, “It’s a bit of a surreal situation, I didn’t think I could sell digital images in my own life. Now I can reach my audience directly. I don’t need an intermediary. I think this is the beginning of a new era in art history.”

Considering this perspective, we can say that NFT is a big step towards making our lives easier.

Digitalization as a Means of Change

Peter Drucker stated in 1995 that we are in “one of those magnificent historical periods that occur every 200-300 years, when people no longer understand the world and the past is insufficient to explain the future”. In this process, we need to clearly state that we are in a period where digitalization and digital transformation… Continue reading Digitalization as a Means of Change

What are the benefits of digitization?

We can say that one of the greatest conveniences of digitalization is to help protect nature by reducing paper consumption, and to increase the availability of digital documents, to save time and effort as it is easier to send and store. In our daily lives, digitalization enables us to benefit most when sending and receiving… Continue reading What are the benefits of digitization?

What is Digitalization?

digital Digitization is known as a term that, in the simplest terms, means the conversion of any information from an analog format to a digital format. As one of the most common examples of this, we can cite the conversion of a printed book on paper into an e-book. The reason why digitization is an… Continue reading What is Digitalization?

Metaverse Concept And Its Origin Story

The virtual universe (Metaverse) is the name given to the “perceptual universe” in which people put themselves together with what they dream and feel by using their mental powers through augmented virtual reality devices without any physical effort. This universe enables human cognition to be included in an artificial physical environment thanks to computers, smart… Continue reading Metaverse Concept And Its Origin Story

VR Game History And Development Process

A virtual reality game, or VR game, is known as a video game played on virtual reality hardware. Most VR games are based on giving the player a unique gaming experience through one or more controllers, typically head mounted, controllable with a display unit or a headset. The headset typically provides two screens in front… Continue reading VR Game History And Development Process

The Development and Emergence of VR Glasses

Virtual reality glasses are known as a new generation equipment prepared for VR environments in the most general sense. VR is a technological term called “virtual reality” and translated as virtual reality in our language. One of the most common tools used for virtual reality, also known as “VR”, which allows us to feel as… Continue reading The Development and Emergence of VR Glasses