Konya Metropolitan Municipality Virtual Reality Traffic Game

We have developed VR game for Konya Metropolitan Municipality students to take part in the Metaverse world.

In Konya which is our pilot city study in the field of VR Education, students
started learning traffic rules with virtual reality glasses with VR Traffic Game
while getting acquainted with Metaverse technologies.

We Offer You Modern Solutions

We often hear about Crypto, Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain technologies today. We are with you in the future as well as today. Kleinstein Games offers you the best solutions in the Metaverse and the gaming world.
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What is the Metaverse?

 the Metaverse or the virtual universe as it is called in Turkish is hypothetical iteration of the Internet that supports persistent online 3D virtual environments through virtual and augmented reality devices as well as traditional personal computers. The Metaverse enables people to be involved in an artificial physical environment thanks to computers, android devices and 3D devices.

Our Team

We are pleased to have a young and dynamic team of experts in their field.
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emir öztürk
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